RISE (Meditation Music)

by abstract source

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Digital Music Therapy

With anxiety and stress reaching epidemic levels, we all need to find ways to relax our minds. DMT fuses state of the art sound science with traditional sound therapy to create a brand new relaxation experience.

What's In The Music

Brainwave Entrainment - A method of stimulating the brain into entering specific states by using rhythmic sound pulses.

Pythagorean Tuning - An ancient system of musical tuning based on the ratio of a perfect fifth which has a very pure and consonant feeling.

Biorhythm – Using the rhythm of the heart at its resting rate (60 bpm) as the tempo which creates coherence between the brain and the heart.

Intricate Sound Design – Jules uses his 11 years as a music producer to create a beautiful soundscape which takes you on a textured audio journey.

Traditional Sound Healing – Fusing digital audio technology with ancient sound healing instruments such as Tibetan Bowls and the Therapy Monochord.

Bio-Sampling – Calming and healing sounds found in nature




released April 23, 2016



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